Bring value to your Clients. Increase your business revenue.

Can you remember a time when your client needed to offload their used IT hardware but you couldn't help? It is common for a cloud agent, telecom agent, VAR, or MSP to come accross used IT hardware when working with a client.

You can now capitalize on hardware opportunities with Tech-Range.

How it Works

Add a revenue stream to your business

Tech-Range is the first Hardware Master Agency that allows you to resell its services to your clients and earn a healthy commission.

Unlike the competitive telecom and cloud solutions marketplace, which can have extremely long and complicated sales-cycles, Tech-Range can uncover an opportunity and pay your commission within a matter of days.

Additional Value to your Clients

Your current clients or prospective clients refresh their hardware frequently.  Whether it’s a project you’re affiliated with or one that you have no involvement in, chances are they will be looking for a reliable outlet for their decommissioned IT hardware.

You can now offer a solution to your clients internationally and Tech-Range will support you every step of the way.

Tech-Range Guarantee

We understand you work hard and invest a lot of time in to curating meaningful relationships with your clients. We also understand that the telecom marketplace for agents, VARs, and MSPs is extremely competitive.

As such, Tech-Range is committed to keeping your client information confidential and is dedicated to keeping you and your clients happy. As outlined in our Agent-Referral agreement, we set ourselves an extremely high standard by including a Non-Disclosure agreement and Non-Compete agreement.

Repeat Customers

Tech-Range is not interested in soliciting the customers you refer us to.  You’ll be responsible for engaging your book of business and acting on any opportunity that surface.

Quick Turnaround

Used IT hardware is in abundance!  For every cloud opportunity you uncover, there are about 4 hardware opportunities.

Depending on the urgency of the project, Tech-Range can quote and execute an opportunity within a matter of days.

Need more information on how to start profiting with Tech-Range?

I needed a solution like Tech-Range since starting my career as a cloud agent 10 years ago. My partnership with Tech-Range has made my clients happier and my business more lucrative.

-Agent Partner, Intelysis