Tech-Range has a suite of hardware services to meet your current business needs. Whether your business is refreshing enterprise networking devices and needs to buy new assets and sell the old, or are simply interested in properly disposing old hardware. We're here as an on-demand service to help you through your upgrade processes and business transformation.

IT Asset Liquidation

There are many difference scenarios that leave businesses with unwanted IT hardware. We're specialists in buying back your used IT assets so you can recapture some of your initial cap-ex and put it back in to your IT budget.

9.4 million tons of electronic waste is recycled by American businesses each year. For the sake of our global environment, it is the responsibility of SMB to corporate enterprises to safely dispose and recycle  electronic waste.

Tech-Range is certified to recycle electronic waste and can coordinate removal from any of your locations, nationwide.

E-Waste Recycling


Refurbished Hardware

Tech-Range can supply your business with high-quality, like-new IT hardware for production or dev environments.

Our clients benefit from on-the-fly delivery to satisfy mission critical needs and standardized hardware refresh cycles.

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We understand that data security and proprietary information is paramount in today's economy. We offer several options to have your  equipment wiped of sensitive information and confidentially destroyed.

We offer a DoD wipe on all storage devices and/or on-site shredding services to physically destroy hard drives.

Data Destruction