Why e-waste with Tech-Range?

Tech-Range has been recycling and safely destroying IT hardware for over 16 years. Regardless of your location, we can coordinate the packaging and removal of your obsolete and unwanted IT assets.

There are many scenarios which would require a business to recycle and remove old IT assets.  Please contact us if you're experiencing the following:



Tech-Range has been appointed by courts and business bankruptcy attorneys to liquidate and coordinate removal of used IT assets from corporate offices, warehouses, and satellite locations nationwide.

Our experience in the used IT hardware marketplace and liquidation team will help recover hardware capex spend and make the process as seamless as possible.

Office Relocation


Whether you're consolidating office due to an aquisition, growing in to a new office space, or downsizing your operation, Tech-Range can help you recover initial hardware spend and recycle any unwanted equipment.

We coordinate multi-site projects for enterprise operations and also help shut down SMB locations.

Migrations, Virtualizations, and Refreshes


Your IT environment is constantly upgrading to the newest technology and shifting strategies. The latest trend is migrating your on-prem solutions to the cloud and virtualizing your infrastructure.

Tech-Range will buy back your unwanted gear or recycle the obsolete equipment that is no longer in use.